There’s so much wisdom in community.

Our community of doctors, health practitioners, personal trainers, health coaches, writers, health extraordinaires and everyday people… amazes me daily. We’re an insightful, intelligent and forward thinking bunch who understand that moving forward means recognizing our past.

I’ve been learning everyday from this community so what better way to give back than to spread the love.

I wanted something practical. Useful. And most of all, FREE. Information is power, after all. So in that, PALEOinsight was born. A blog of blogs covering the paleosphere (paleo, primal, functional medicine, fitness, biohacking, and lots more!).


No. All content goes directly to the original source to give them the credit they deserve.

Paleo is a lifestyle, not a diet. We’re all about living healthier, fuller lives and that can and should be supported in many ways beyond food.

That’s exactly what community is about. We share many values but don’t always agree on everything, and that’s ok!

Sure thing, submit a suggestion here. Do keep in mind that this is an additional avenue to reach readers and all titles link directly to the original source.

Unfortunately since all content is housed on the original site, without moving the content internally, I can’t provide a search feature. I feel it would degrade the purpose of the site to move content internally, as I would like to lift up our community and get readers to the original bloggers.

Every section is organized by the feeds of individual bloggers. Some bloggers put their podcast feeds with their blog posts. Many bloggers post occasional recipes. Many bloggers who post mostly recipes will write posts on other topics. This is why they get intertwined.

It’s hard to get a system in place where the feeds are filtered accurately and automatically. Every link goes to the original source, so it would also require moving the original content internally, which I feel would degrade the purpose of the site (to lift up our community and get readers to the bloggers).


“Diet and lifestyle factors are the drivers for much of our health problems which puts YOU, the individual, in the driver’s seat.”

“Diet and lifestyle factors are the drivers for much of our health problems which puts YOU, the individual, in the driver’s seat.”

Hi, I’m Ania Wiesak. I’m a certified Primal Health Coach, owner at Live Clean Nourish and course instructor for Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp. I’m passionate about health and even more passionate about the power of taking an ancestral eye to our health decisions. But like many of us, there was once a day where you’d find me pounding Doritos and frosting filled donuts. 

In 2013, I hit a breaking point with my health. I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle and simply wasn’t taking care of myself. Then one day, my body fell apart. I had all the blood markers of inflammation and was on my way to a life of disease. After visiting doctor after doctor, I wasn’t any closer to feeling better. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It’s then when I discovered a paleo-inspired way of life. That’s when it finally resonated with me… what I was eating and how I was living my life was related to the way I felt. And by making the right lifestyle changes, I felt like a new person.

My story is not unique. That’s why this movement is so powerful. The journey there isn’t necessarily sunshine and roses. There’s a lot of contradictory health advice to sift through, misconceptions to be undone and mindset shifts to be made.

But without the knowledge from this community, I wouldn’t be where I am today. If I hadn’t came across the blogs of Chris Kresser and Mark Sisson in the early days, my life might look a lot different.

If you’re interested in more of my work, I offer a FREE mini-course and a 10 week online course. I’d love your support, check them out below!


The Paleo Mindset

Looking for something FREE? Start here. In this mini-course, I delve into the importance of mindset, the reasons that most diets fail, the problems with the current conventional models of health and dietary advice, the importance of being in sync with our environment and ultimately, why the paleo template is such a great tool for optimal health.  Take me there!

Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp

Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp is a 10 week self-paced online course about reclaiming your health through real food, clean living, exercising smarter, getting back to nature and leading a vibrant life. (Please note: The free mini-course, The Paleo Mindset, is a sneak peak at week 1 of Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp) Take me there!