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New to the Paleo Movement?

There are countless success stories of people regaining their health, losing weight and leading healthier lives living a paleo lifestyle.  

You’re in the right place.

So, what is Paleo?

Here is where it gets tricky. There’s what is often referred to as the Paleo diet, and then there’s the Paleo lifestyle. The Paleo diet is usually only referring to the food that you eat, where as the lifestyle is referring to the ways ancestral thinking can better your health as a whole. Much of what you read on PALEOinsight refers to other aspects of health beyond food.

Paleo diet:

A dietary theory that looks towards our ancestors and our biology to see what it is that we are adapted to eat and recommends those foods as the base of the human diet. Let’s say you decide to buy a zoo. You get a new animal at the zoo. What are you going to feed that animal? Well, you’re going to look at their biology and see what they are adapted to eat, right… because you want to keep that animal alive and healthy? Well, that’s the basic premise here. We want to feed ourselves what we’ve evolved to eat. We haven’t evolved to eat processed junk in a can, so we don’t want to eat processed junk in a can.

The details however, get murky. Not everyone agrees on what “paleo” is. A strict version would eschew all processed food, grains, beans, and dairy (leaving behind fruits, vegetables, meat, seeds and nuts). A looser version may include dairy (preferably from grass fed cows), perhaps a small amount of beans, even white rice if tolerated. We’re all pretty anti-wheat due to its inflammatory nature and how much it’s been manipulated over the last 50 years or so. But some of us are looser than others when it comes to other “real food” items that perhaps weren’t literally eaten by cavemen but can be relatively benign. Strictly speaking it’s about eating the types of food that existed 10,000 years ago, but loosely speaking, many of us are happy with 100 years ago. Most of the problem is the modern industrial food, the packaged food and the foods that we’ve manipulated beyond resemblance such as modern day wheat. It’s all about traditional foods, not whether a caveman physically ate it or not.

The truth of the matter is… no one should be eating the same diet. We should be eating what works with our bodies. And that’s different for everyone. That’s why there’s no one-stop paleo diet for all. It’s a template and you’ll have to play around yourself. But the replacement of processed, chemical and sugar laden foods with REAL FOOD like fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat will make an enormous difference in your health and well being.

Paleo Lifestyle:

Respecting the innate intelligence of our ancestors in our everyday decisions regarding nutrition and lifestyle. We live in modern times and are constantly bombarded by a world we were not designed to live in. The industrial era has been rough on the human body. Our genes don’t adapt that fast and if we want good health we need to treat our bodies and our environment in a way they understand. Often times what is making us sick is simply a mismatch between our genetics and our modern world.

Evolution hasn’t equipped us for highly processed foods stripped of nutrition, high sugar foods, trans fats, and empty calories. It hasn’t equipped us for our modern lifestyles of high stress, poor sleep, insufficient exercise and environmental toxins.

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The Paleo Mindset

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Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp

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